The Science

The science (the chemistry) is very simple.  Water H20 (also called oxidane) is made of 2 molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen.  And air (also called dry air) consists of 78% Nitrogen N2 and 21% Oxygen O2, two molecules in each separate pair. The other 1% of air are trance gases, noble gases and pollutants including CO2, NO2 and yes, even O3 (ozone).  O3 is a secondary pollutant in the lower atmosphere (caused by the mixing of two primary pollutants: nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  However and very importantly, ozone is also produced by certain waves of UV light splitting the O2 molecule in half and joining these O atoms with other 02 molecules to form O3, the ozone gas that protects us from harmful UV radiation in the upper atmosphere!

How does Ozone work as a Cleaner/Sanitiser?

Aqueous Ozone (AO) works on germs through oxidation, for which it is only second to fluorine F in effectiveness. This process occurs when an immensely reactive oxygen atom (O) that easily separate from ozone O3 into breathable molecular oxygen O2 + and atomic oxygen O.  This reactive O will quickly latch onto and interfere with the electrons of other cells, which causes the walls of the cells forming bacteria to break down.  Because of this powerful process, AO will definitely kill covid!!!


So, Aqueous Ozone is very a effective tool for killing and getting rid of viruses and germs in our homes as well as business places and leisure centres. It is often used in commercially available products and occasionally combined with other germ-killing products.  It shouldn't be surprising that a solution with a spare molecule of oxygen can kill covid as proper hand wash with merely a bit of soap would get rid of the virus.

The Chemistry affects the Biology

The single molecule of oxygen reacts with organic sulfides to form sulfoxides, but little else is known of its reactivity. Recent research found that trioxidane is the active ingredient responsible for the antimicrobial properties of the well known ozone/hydrogen peroxide mix.  The reaction of ozone with hydrogen peroxide is known as the "peroxone process". This mixture has been used for some time for treating groundwater contaminated with organic compounds.  The reverse reaction, the addition of singlet oxygen to water, typically does not occur in part due to the scarcity of singlet oxygen.

In biological systems, however, ozone is known to be generated from singlet oxygen, and the presumed mechanism is an antibody-catalyzed production of trioxidane from singlet oxygen.  Ozone therapy is being researched in terms of its benefits in the blood and on the skin.  However, high concentrations of ozone gas above 500-1000 parts per million (ppm) or 1-2 ppm in an aqueous ozone solution, are considered harmful to lung membranes and other biological cells in the human body over time.

At Aqueozone, our patented machines convert the oxygen in the air O2 to ozone gas O3 (using Corona Discharge method) and inject that ozone gas at safe levels (1-2 ppm) into water to form varying concentrations of H2O + O3 or Aqueous Ozone (AO).  Some of our newer products actually generate the Ozone inside the water (electrolysis method) using blue diamond technology for an even safer, and simpler cleaning solution (See sprayers and bottles under The Products).